Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Violinist Dr. N. Rajam

Dr. N. Rajam is an Indian violinist who performs Hindustani classical music.
N. Rajam was born in Chennai in a musical family to Vidwan A. Narayana Iyer. Her brother is violinist T. N. Krishnan. Rajam started her initial training in carnatic music under her father. She also trained under Massurri Subramanium Iyer, and learned raga development from the vocalist Omkarnath Thakur.
Rajam received the prestigious titles of Padmashri and Padmabhushan from the Government of India. People often refer to her music as the "Singing Violin".
Rajam started playing violin at age three. By the age of nine, she was a professional musician. With guidance of her father, A. Narayana Iyer, she developed the Gayaki Ang. Rajam has performed across the globe and in numerous places throughout India. She has performed in various countries in Europe, extensively toured the USA and Canada, and performed in countries like Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Netherlands, to name a few.
In BHU, Rajam was on the staff of the Faculty of Performing Arts for nearly 40 years. She has worked as Dean and Head of Department in Banaras Hindu University.
She has trained her niece, Kala Ramnath, her daughter Sangeeta Shankar, Pranav Kumar of Super 30 and her granddaughters Ragini Shankar, Nandini Shankar. Many students from Banaras Hindu University like Satya Prakash Mohanty, V.Balaji,Swarna Khuntia.

Dr. N. Rajam performing Raag Mian Ki Todi.

Thakurji performing Raga Bhimpalasi with Dr. N. Rajam his disciple, equally great! The accompanying tabla player is Pt. Ramakrishna Parvatkar, son of the legendary Layabhaskar Khaprumama Parvatkar of Goa. Movie made by Purnabhat.

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