Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fairwell! Indrayudh Bose

We've learned of the sudden and tragic passing of young violinist Indrayudh Bose! Our sincere condolences to his family. 

Indrayudh Bose was a North Indian Classical Violinist from Kolkata (India) belonging to Senia Maihar gharana. Indrayudh has grown up in a musical environment. His mother, Mily Bose was an eminent violinist and a disciple of famous Indian Classical violinist Smt. Sisirkana Dharchowdhury. Inspired by his illustrious mother, Indrayudh started learning violin as early as from at the age of eight. A young man of thirty, he was one of the leading North Indian Classical violinists of his generation in the country. He participated in many of the prestigious music festivals of the country and performed in Bharatiya Bidya Bhavan, U.K., Indian Embassy, Berlin, in few concerts in Munich, in Constanz and in few other places, in Strasbourg and in Paris and other places. 

You can listen to some of his recordings:

Indrayudh Bose Raga- Shree, Jor
Triveni Auditorium, Delhi Organised by NAVARATNA in memory of MILY BOSE

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  1. I am so very saddened by the passing away of this young talented artist whom I met here in Belgium after his concert.
    He was so modest and so indebted to his mother who had been his first Guru.
    Oh! I can only sigh deeply with regret as to why death had to extinguish this beautiful life and in turn cause sorrow to his young family and also to his admirers!