Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ustad Imrat Khan - Legendary Master of Sitar and Surbahar!

Ustad Imrat Khan is a living legend of one the oldest and most prestigious musical families of India – the Imdadkhani gharana of Etawah. Imrat Khan is an internationally performing musician in the U.S., Europe and India. He is not only a consummate musician he is also an important teacher and lecturer at many prestigious universities and institutions around the world.

                                                                                            Photo by Riccardo di Giann
From Imrat Khan

Music begins where words end.  I would like to give my love, blessings and thanks to all the well-wishers of my Etawah/ImdadKhani gharana, all the admirers and followers of my father Ustad Enayat Khan, my brother the great Ustad Vilayat Khan, and humbly myself.
With all my knowledge and sincerity I have spent my lifetime devoted to the research and practice of music and the values of surbahar, sitar and the gayaki ang.  These subjects are greatly linked with my brother and my forefathers on both sides of my family.  In addition to adapting the vocal styles and values of dhrupad, khyal, thumri and gayaki ang they also introduced unique innovations in playing technique and instrument design into the style of sitar and surbahar.

For many years it has been my dream to present The Golden Period of Indian Classical Music, a unique work on the subject of Indian classical music.  Many works have been offered by scholars and musicologist, but never before from the perspective of a gharanedar musician who has inherited several generations of musical heritage.  This book will offer a direct insight into the history and practical demonstration of Indian music.

By the Grace of God, I will present this treasure to preserve the values of my heritage and the heritage of great singers and musicians of, as it is internationally known, Hindustani classical music.

For a long time I have also been interested in the sounds of fretted guitar and violin.  After thorough research, I have created some advanced modifications on these instruments for playing Indian Classical music without sacrificing any values of Western music.  This information will also be introduced in full detail in my forthcoming book.

As I said, Music begins where words end.  With the help of all the latest technology this book will be presented with accompanying audio and video media along with text and rare photographs to preserve the knowledge and musical values of the Indian subcontinent for present and future generations.

With all my heart and my blessings in anticipation of your appreciation.

Imrat Khan

Ustad Imrat Khan In Raag Yaman

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