Saturday, November 6, 2010

A journey through the musical life of Sitarist Debesh Chandra Moitra

Late Sri Debesh Chandra Moitra (1931-1979) Sitar Maestro from Patna, India, was a disciple of Pt. Ravi Shankar and also from Annapurna Devi. He was knit to Maihar Gharana.
He was close to Nikhil Bannerjee and a follower of Ali Akbar Khan.


  1. Pandit Debesh Moitra was a musical genius in addition to being a great human being who used to go out of the way to help establish contemporary talentated artists of his time. He always used to extend a helping hand to whoever approached him.

    His creativity ranges from creation of Raga " Jogia Todi" (which he had performed many a times as well as aired from AIR-Patna during sixties)to composing-directing-producing a Hindustani Classical music & dance ballet of 24 hours duration named "Ragamala" (staged in Rabindra Bhawan - Patna during late fifties)which was a splendid work .
    Such a venture, the only one of its kind is absolutely praiseworthy.

  2. Late Pandit Debesh Moitra had composed many outstanding ballets of world repute after his first tours in Moscow, Russia. The inspirations were definitely derived from the famous Russian & other Ballets like "Swan Lake" which he studied there with utmost interest. These Ballets composed by him in India ranged infinitely ........from Religious "Meerabai" to Tagore's "Sapmochon". Hats off to this versatile genius.