Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tribute! Faiz Muhammad Baloch!

Faiz Muhammad Baloch [1900-1980].
He Received the pride of Performance from the Govt. of Pakistan. He visited China, Russia, USA, Canada, Afghanistan, Germany, France, South Korea,Lebanon, Spain, Aljazire, and UK. Faiz Muhammad joined Radio Pakistan in 1948 regularly. He taught by Ustad Noori and Ustad Kher Muhammad(Mama Khero). He also got education of Classical Music by Ustad Ramzan. He got his first marriage in Makran, from his first wife he had Shafi Muhammad. His son lived in Lyari (Dariyabad) Karachi. He Worked in Kemari (Karachi) as Labour. From his second marriage in Karachi he had, Mah Bano, Kher Jan Faiz, Taj Muhammad, Tajul Kazbano, Sher Mohammad, Zarr Bano, Noor Muhammad, Bilquess.

Faiz Baluch Old music, Yeh Pakistan Hamara. He is singing in Urdu here while most of his work was sung in Makrani and Balochi.

There was an entire generation of wonderful (mostly folk) singers in Pakistan whose stage was neither film nor television, but the local mela, the village chopaal, the dera. Like Alam Lohar, Sain Akhtar, Tufail Niazi, and many others, Faiz Baloch belonged to this generation. Their audiences were live and intimate; their sound was rough but authentic; and their performances were unchoreographed but heartfelt. They never mastered the skills of looking into the camera, but they always did look into the eyes of their audiences. Their cues came not from the video director, but from the reactions of their listeners.(By Adil Najam)

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