Tuesday, February 28, 2012

 Malini Rajurkar (born 1941) is a noted Hindustani classical singer of Gwalior Gharana. 

Early life: She grew up in the state of Rajasthan in India. For three years she taught mathematics at the Savitri Girls’ High School & College, Ajmer, where she had graduated in the same subject. Taking advantage of a three-year scholarship that came her way, she finished her Sangeet Nipun from the Ajmer Music College, studying music under the guidance of Govindrao Rajurkar and his nephew, who was to become her future husband, Vasantrao Rajurkar.

Performing career: Malini has performed in major music festivals in India, including Gunidas Sammelan (Mumbai), Tansen Samaroh (Gwalior), Sawai Gandharva Festival (Pune), and Shankar Lal Festival (Delhi).
Malini is noted especially for her command over the Tappa genre. She has also sung lighter music. Her renditions of two Marathi natyageete, pandu-nrupati janak jaya and naravar krishnasamaan, have been particularly popular.

Vidushi Malini Rajurkar- Raag Ahir Bhairav.

Pandita Malini Rajurkar - Tappa - Tarana - Raga Bhairavi - Lal Wala Joban

Settled in Hyderabad for over 40 years since the 1970s, her training in her gurus’ style has rooted Malini in the Gwalior approach. However, she has felt free to adopt aspects of other styles to create her own. She has been influenced by the likes of K.G.Ginde and Jitendra Abhisheki and by her fondness for the idiosyncratic vocalism of Kumar Gandharva. Malini Rajurkar sings khayal in the Kirana style and is an acknowledged master of Tappa and Tarana.

(Source: Youtube, Indian Raga, Wikipedia)

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