Tuesday, January 4, 2011

About! Raag Barwa, the ancient...

Raag Barwa belongs to a family of ragas, which were apparently derived from folk melodies, and entered art-music in association with the Thumree genre. (Manuel, Peter. Thumree in historical and stylistic perspectives, First edition, 1989, Motilal Barasidass, Delhi). This family includes ragas like Kafi, Pilu, Jangula, Barwa, and Zilla, along with several others. These ragas remained loose, informal melodic entities until the 18th century, after which their grammar was organized by classically trained musicians. However, even today, as Manuel points out (Ibid. 1989), they are performed only infrequently in classical and semi-classical music, and in disparate versions.

Raag Barwa is a rarely heard ancient Hindustani classical raga. It is similar to raag Desi (raga).
Thaat: Kafi
Samay: Dusk
Swaras Used: Komal Gandhar, both Shuddha and Komal Nishad.
All other notes are Shuddha.

Subhra Guha – Raga Barwa (early evening):

Raga Barwa (2 of 2) - Pandit Ram Narayan (sarangi. Recorded onto VHS tape (regrettably, on extended play speed) in the early 90s.

Ustad Vilayat Hussain Khan - Raag Barwa

Mohammad Bandi "Tori Banki Banki Chitwan" 1907 in Raga Barwa khayal.
Old indian pakistan hindi punjabi songs classical folk urdu.

Harvindar Sharma playing Sitar in a concert in Pune.
Accompanying him on Tabla is Mr. Ramdas Palsule.

Pt Vijay Kumar Kichlu ~ Raga Barwa

Pt. Baldev Raj Verma - Raag Barwa 

"Khayi Hai Re Hamne Kasam Sang Rahne Ki" - Film - Talash - 1969 based on Raga Barawa - Tal: Fast Kaherava - Music director: S.D. Burman - Singer: Lata Mangeshkar


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